Nurturing Employee Wellness & Connectedness

Our team understands the importance of taking time to rest and reconnect with each other to improve overall well-being. This is something we advocate for with our patients, and have been incorporating into our recent annual planning.

Our Wellness Committee, established in 2022, plans activities throughout the year to improve staff well-being. These include the Spring Conference and Fall and Winter Socials. They also include weekly yoga classes and mental health education from local partners.

To celebrate our 15th anniversary, we chose to give back to the community through Random Acts of Kindness. Our last act had our team helping to plant 400 trees in a London park.

Our community support continued into our 16th year. This year we’ve participated in London Pride, Coldest Night of the Year, and created heartfelt cards for residents at Longworth Retirement Home. As we look ahead to our next year, we will continue to prioritize the well-being of our team and our community.

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