Clients and Caregivers

Trouble getting the care you need?

Sometimes it is hard to get the care you need: lots of different people to see, appointments to attend and information to share. It may be hard to keep track of it all. Maybe you have health worries that are not being met, or are not sure how to get help. Perhaps you feel that what matters most to you is not being heard.

There is something that can help: it is called Coordinated Care Planning.

What is Coordinated Care Planning?

Coordinated Care Planning is a way to bring your care team together to create a Care Plan that is right for you. The Care Plan will include what your care needs are and how the care team will work together to keep you as well and independent as possible. The Care Plan will be shared amongst the care team so everyone has the right information at the right time. Over time, your care needs might change so your Care Plan and team may change too.

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