Thames Valley (Elgin, London, Middlesex, and Oxford):

  • TVFHT – [email protected]
  • South West LHIN – [email protected]
  • ADSTV – [email protected]
  • DSO for the entire LHIN
    Call 1-855-437-6797 (DSO has recommended the following: In all situations, the lead should reach out to the DSO so that they could either a) find out if that person is connected with an agency that could participate in CCP, or b) if that the person is not connected, DSO could perhaps figure out who might be able to participate in CCP.)

Elgin Region:

  • VON – [email protected]
  • CMHA Elgin – [email protected]
  • West Elgin Community Health Centre – Fax the invite to: 519-768-2548 (If possible, specify who you’d like to attend – physician and allied?)
  • EEFHT – Call 519-773-3729

London Middlesex Region:

Invitations to CCP care conferences can be sent directly to the access points with email addresses and fax numbers, and they will then determine who is most appropriate from their organization to attend.
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