The Voice of Patients and Caregivers

What is a Patient and Caregiver Advisory Council?

A patient and caregiver advisory council is a way for you to:

  • Help us improve the quality of care for all patients and caregivers
  • Give us advice based on your experiences as patients or caregivers
What is a Patient Advisor?

A patient/caregiver advisor is someone who:

  • Wants to improve the quality of care for all patients
  • Gives advice to us based on their own experiences
  • Works with other advisors and with us on improving the patient experience of all patients/caregivers
Who can be Part of the Patient and Caregiver Advisory Council?

Any patient or caregiver of the Thames Valley Family Health Team can be an advisor.

There are no special requirements or qualifications needed. You just need to be interested in helping us improve the patient experience across the Family Health Team.

What’s most important is the experience that you have had with the Family Health Team and your willingness to share your story and ideas so that we can improve how we care for you and all patients of the Thames Valley Family Health Team.

How much time will it take?

Advisors must commit to serving on the council for at least one year. The council will meet 8-10 times per year.

What do Patient and Caregiver Advisors do?

Tell their story and share their experiences

Share both positive and negative healthcare experiences with us and with other patient/caregiver advisors.

 Participate in council work and discussions

Advisors bring invaluable perspectives to planning and decision-making.

Work on short-term projects

Advisors work with us on special projects, such as helping with the launch of new programs.

Review and help create information materials

Review, provide feedback, and help create material such as forms, handouts, surveys, and promotional materials. You will help us ensure that materials are meaningful and easy to understand.

For More Information

Call: 519-473-0530

Email: [email protected]

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