Introduction to Mindfulness


One-time session, 2 hours


An introduction to the concept of mindfulness and the benefits to one’s overall health and wellness. Participants will be led through 2-3 mindfulness exercises and learn how to incorporate mindfulness into their lives.

Who should attend this group?

This group is intended for adults (18+) with chronic stress, illness, pain or who want to enhance their overall emotional and physical wellness. Not suitable for anyone with severe depression, recent trauma, or active psychosis.


No purchase of material is required. Come prepared to actively participate in the group and please ensure you have working audio/video on your device.


At the end of the group, participants will have a better understanding of mindfulness and experience applying this approach through a few short practice exercises. Additional electronic resources will be provided for further personal practice and development.

Participant Feedback

“I printed out the handouts ahead of time so that I can refer back to them. I appreciated having the facilitators go over everything. I also liked the relaxation exercises very much.” (March 2023)

“The practical inclusion of the various practices was particularly useful. It forced me to take the time to actually include these mindfulness exercises.” (January 2023)

“I really appreciated the knowledge and caring attitude of the facilitators and the participation of the attendees. It was a great introduction to Mindfulness and left me wanting to explore more. Thank you so much!” (November 2021)

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