4 weekly sessions, 2 hours each


An opportunity to learn the impacts of stress on your mind and body, and how to incorporate a variety of mindfulness practices that help develop capacity for calmness and reduce physiological reactivity to stress.

Who should attend this group?

This group is intended for adults (18+) with chronic stress, illness, pain or who want to enhance their overall emotional and physical wellness. Not suitable for anyone with severe depression, recent trauma, or active psychosis.


No purchase of material is required.  Weekly attendance is expected, as well as a commitment to complete assigned practices between sessions.


At the end of the 4 weeks, participants will have a basic understanding of how to change their relationship with stress through the integration of mindfulness practices. Independent, ongoing practice is recommended to maintain the positive effects of this learning.

Participant Feedback

– “It has allowed me to train my mind to achieve a sense of calm when I’m off work, I’m not in the constant hustle mode anymore.” (November 2022)
– “I am able to use the practices I have learned throughout the sessions to manage my anxiety on my own, without medication at times. I have learned to appreciate the ability to slow things down and refocus. There are so many options of practices to choose, taking a course like this helps narrow the options down so you get the most out of it.” (June 2021)

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