Programs and groups include one time workshops and multi-week sessions and are currently being offered in a virtual setting only via Zoom.
Note: Programs, workshops, and services are currently reserved for Thames Valley Family Health Team patients only, unless otherwise indicated.

Dream On – CBT for Insomnia

Tired of tossing and turning? Tired of lying awake in bed for hours? Dream-ON will help improve your sleep with this one time workshop. This program uses a non-medication approach that helps correct your sleeping difficulties by breaking bad habits and patterns that interfere with sleep, and replaces them with new approaches that bring sleep on naturally.
It is not suited for everyone, if you have one or more of following conditions speak with your medical provider for alternate strategies:
– Uncontrolled anxiety, depression, or obsessive compulsive disorder
– Active substance abuse (alcohol, drugs)
– Current symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder
– History of bipolar disease
– Seizure disorder
– Significant memory problems
– Excessive daytime sleepiness
– Untreated sleep apnea
– Active medical problems (e.g. recent heart attack, stroke, etc.)
The program does not work well for shift workers, or if this is a particularly stressful or busy time in your life.

Healthy Lifestyle Kickoff

In this program, our registered dietitians answer your questions about what really affects your weight and how this is linked to your overall health. We focus on the ways in which your nutrition, activity level and lifestyle affect your health and how they can play a role in reducing your risk for chronic disease.

Heart Health

Join us for this one-time workshop where our registered dietitians help you understand factors that affect your heart health. In this class, you will learn about lifestyle changes that can help you better manage your cholesterol levels and reduce your overall cardiovascular disease risk.

Introduction to Mindfulness

A brief 1 time virtual session that is 1.5 hours in length that is skill-based and psycho-educational. The workshop will include education, experiential practice, and discussion. Participants will get a overview of the mindfulness approach, the principals behind it, and some simple techniques to try out in order to calm the nervous system. Resources will be provided electronically.

Leave the Pack Behind – Tools to Quit Smoking
* FOR PATIENTS AT OLD SOUTH (460 Springbank Drive) ONLY *

Thinking about quitting? This one-hour information session will discuss the nuts and bolts of quitting smoking to prepare you to hit the ground running! We will discuss physical and psychological aspects of nicotine addiction, strategies and tools to help you quit (including nicotine replacement products and medications), and provide details about the program that we offer at the Family Health Team to help you quit. You may be eligible for free nicotine replacement supplies (e.g. patches, gum, lozenges etc).
This session is a prerequisite to receiving one-on-one counselling from a nurse or pharmacist and accessing free nicotine supplies.

Meal Planning Class

“What’s for dinner tonight?” How often do you ask this question?
Join our dietitians for this one hour meal planning class so you only need to ask “What’s for dinner tonight?” once a week. Our dietitians will teach meal planning skills that work for you and teach you how to build healthy, nutritious meals one week at a time.

Mind Over Mood

Change how you feel by changing the way you think! Mind Over Mood is an 8 week program focusing on a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach to treating anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and stress. Learn how thinking differently can affect your feelings, and ultimately your mood, for the better.

Please note, there is a required textbook “Mind over Mood- 2nd Edition” for this group. Textbooks are available for purchase from Indigo and Amazon. You can also borrow the book from your local library or our organization. If you require to borrow, please contact [email protected] or call 519-473-0530, ext. 451.

Mindful Eating – Emotional Eating and Food Craving Management Group

In this 6-week virtual group, you will learn:
– About the benefits of mindfulness and how to practice mindful eating;
– How to become more in tune with your body and learn to respond to your natural hunger cues;
– Powerful skills that can help you manage even your toughest food cravings;
– How to find balance and heal your relationship with food.

Sweet Talk: Blood Glucose and the Health Behaviours to Help Manage It

This workshop is aimed at helping participants at-risk for or having pre-diabetes or newly diagnosed diabetes control blood sugars and minimize associated risk factors. During this information session, participants will learn:
What is pre-diabetes and diabetes?
Why controlling blood sugars is so important
How health behaviours can promote improved blood sugar control

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