Our Team

We want to recognize our dedicated, caring clinicians and administrative employees for the stellar work they do every day. Our success is due to the efforts of our entire employee team, and we are proud of the positive impact that this has on the people we serve.

Employee wellness is one of the pillars of our strategic plan, emphasizing our commitment to fostering a supportive and thriving work environment. By prioritizing the well-being of our employees, we cultivate a positive workplace culture and drive sustained organizational success.

How we support our team:
  • In 2023-2024 we were excited to provide the team with performance incentives, based on the progress we have made towards our key performance indicators. We recognize, however, that primary care salaries have not kept pace with other community sectors, and we will continue to work with primary care partners across the province to advocate for increased compensation for primary care teams.
  • Through the employee-led Wellness Committee, we have organized a range of activities designed to bolster team building, enhance morale, and strengthen connectedness between employees. These initiatives include collaborative projects, wellness workshops, and regular social events, all aimed at creating a cohesive and motivated team.
  • Education and training for our team members have been a cornerstone of our success, ensuring that our employees remain at the forefront of primary care best practices and work to full scope.

Read more about our amazing team of professionals and how we are shifting the way we provide care.

Celebrating Our Team

Nurturing Employee Wellness & Connectedness

This will link to a page with images from our team events over the past year, e.g., Boler, Fall social, last year’s conference; include image of Team Impact Award & Living our Values Award winners from 2023

Working Together to Shift to a new Model of CAre

Our team members are working diligently to transform our organization from a site-based to a centralized model of care that will maximize resources to extend team-based care into our communities. Read about our exciting plans!

South West Self-Management at TVFHT

The South West Self-Management team (SWSM) reflects on beginning a collaborative relationship with our organization after joining us in April 2023. Also, hear from Jean Whitred, RN, a SWSM peer leader who retired from TVFHT a few years ago.

Our Operations

(ADJUST TEXT SIZE ONCE FIN STMTS ARE ADDED: We are pleased to present our annual financial statements, providing a comprehensive overview of our financial performance and position over the past year: ****** LINK TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS*******

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