Board of Directors

The Thames Valley Family Health Team Board of Directors has 11 members, and is composed of physicians appointed by our affiliated physician groups as well as individuals elected from outside the family health team who bring specific experiences and skills to the benefit of our organization. The board oversees the activities of the Thames Valley Family Health Team.

For 2018/19, board members are:

  • Aindrea Cramp (chair)
  • Cathy Frederick (vice chair)
  • Paul Dickie
  • William George
  • Sandra Jansen
  • Lauren Kopechanski
  • Silvie MacLean (secretary-treasurer)
  • Hardeep Sadra
  • Kellie Scott
  • Stephen Wetmore
  • Carol Young- Ritchie
Senior Leadership
  • Mike McMahon, Executive Director
  • Laura Neumann, Medical Director