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Strathroy Caradoc Family Health Organization
Strathroy - Thames Valley Family Health Team
London - Oxford Medical Group
Ailsa Craig
London - Byron Family Medical Centre
Administrative Office - Thames Valley Family Health Team
Woodstock - Thames Valley Family Health Team
Strathroy - Strathroy Medical Clinic.
Strathroy - West Middlesex Health Centre
St. Thomas - Windemere Family Medical Centre
St. Thomas - Elmwood Family Health Centre, Elgin Mall
Mt. Brydges - Southwest Middlesex Health Centre
London - Westmount Family Physicians
London - West London Family Health Centre
London - Victoria Family Medical Centre
London - St. Joseph's Family Medical Centre
London - Old South Family Health Organization
Ilderton - Middlesex Centre Family Medicine Clinic
London - 450 Central Ave.

If you want to make an appointment with your family doctor, please call their office directly.

To make an appointment with Thames Valley Family Health Team health professionals, please call the numbers below.

If you’re looking for a family doctor, please click here for a list of physicians that are accepting new patients.

Ailsa Craig

147 Main Street
Ailsa Craig, ON
N0M 1A0
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Phone: 519-293-3981 (Ask to speak with Family Health Team administrative support)

London – Oxford Medical Group

312 Oxford Street West
London, Ontario
N6H 4N7
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Phone: For your doctor or nurse practitioner, call 519-432-6786. For social worker, pharmacist, dietitian, or occupational therapist only, call 519-672-9660.

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