Mission, Vision & Values


As leaders in the provision of primary health care, we will enhance the wellbeing of the people of Thames Valley.


We are a dynamic primary health care network providing exceptional care.


Person-Centred Primary Health Care: We make a difference in people’s lives by providing comprehensive, compassionate care that responds to the evolving needs of our patients and their families.

Trust and Respect: Trust for each other and mutual respect for the unique roles we play as colleagues and professionals is critical to our inter-disciplinary model of patient care.

Collaboration and Teamwork: In order to help our patients and families, we value working together as a team of professionals where the contribution of each team member is optimized in a professional atmosphere of camaraderie and collegiality.

Honesty and Open Communication: We value open and honest dialogue which promotes information sharing and supports collaborative problem solving.

Accountability: We accept our individual and team responsibilities and we meet our commitments. We take responsibility for our actions, our decisions and our performance as both team members and individual professionals.

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