The Thames Valley Family Health Team (TVFHT) is committed to achieving the highest performance, transparency and accountability in all we do. This page provides information and documents about our approach and our results.

Broader Public Sector Accountability Act

The Thames Valley Family Health Team is in compliance with the Broader Public Sector (BPS) Accountability Act which regulates broader public sector organizations in the areas of compensation, expenses, perquisites, business documents and procurement. The Act is designed to improve accountability and transparency.

Perquisites (‘Perks’):

The Broader Public Sector (BPS) Perquisite Directive sets out requirements for establishing rules on perquisites (‘perks’) where these are provided through public funds.

A perk is defined under the BPS Directive as ‘a privilege that is provided to an individual or to a group of individuals, provides a personal benefit, and is not generally available to others’.  A perquisite is not allowable if it is not a business-related requirement.

To be allowable, a perquisite must be a business-related requirement for the effective performance of an individual’s job and MUST be approved by the Board Chair in writing.  A perquisite must only be allowable in limited and exceptional circumstances where it is demonstrated to be a business-related requirement.   Examples of perks that are not permitted under any circumstance include club memberships, season’s tickets to cultural or sporting events, access to private health clinics (medical services outside those provided by the provincial health care system or the TVFHT’s group insured benefit plan), and professional advisory services for personal matters, such as tax planning.

TVFHT does not offer perquisites to board directors or employees at this time.

Updated October 2022

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