Living a healthy life with chronic pain or other chronic conditions

Living Healthy with Chronic Pain

Make a commitment to take control of your chronic pain. Join a FREE workshop right from your own home.

Living Healthy with Chronic Pain empowers participants by encouraging them to manage their own health and make small lifestyle changes that will improve their overall well-being. Workshops are offered virtually right on your own device! Find one that fits your schedule here:

The FREE six-week workshop focuses on dealing with frustration, fatigue, poor sleep, and appropriate use of medications. Participants learn pacing activity/rest, low-impact exercise, nutrition, effective communication, and setting weekly goals.

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions don’t take a break for any reason. Improve your self-management skills with a FREE Living a Healthy Life Workshop. Sign up here:

Workshops are offered virtually right from your computer. Choose the start date that works for you!

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