Gender Journeys


6 weekly sessions, 2 hours each


This in-person program, offered in collaboration with London InterCommunity Health Centre, provides a safe space to explore questions of gender identity and belonging.

Who should attend?

This group is primarily for individuals age 16+ in the beginning stages of transition, which includes those thinking about transition, those already on their transition journeys, and those who are gender-questioning.


Participants are expected to commit to attending all 6 group sessions. This is not a drop-in group, and the group is closed to new registrants after session 2.

Download the poster:

As a participant, you will learn about the following topics:
               – reducing isolation
               – exploring your sense of self
               – finding trans-friendly health care
               – addressing transphobia and experiences of discrimination
               – coming out to family, friends, and co-workers
               – physical health and emotional well-being
               – accessing community and celebrating diversity
               – practical information to assist with transitioning

Participant Feedback

“It has allowed me to forge connections with others and become more sure of myself along my path.”

“I didn’t know very much going in and over time I was able to solidify who I am a little more. Gender Journeys helped calm a lot of my confusion.”

“It has allowed me to realize that it (gender change) is a journey. I felt a lot of pressure to ‘just fix it’ to be done with it. The group helped me to realize that I don’t have to fix it. I can just be. No hurry.”

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