Heart Health


One-time virtual session, 2 hours


Heart Health Video Part 1: Overview and Diet, 55 minutes

Heart Health Video Part 2: Medication, Exercise, Alcohol and Smoking, 36 minutes


In this virtual group and two-part educational video sessions, a registered dietitian and registered pharmacist will explain the key factors that affect your heart health.

Who should attend this group?

This group and the educational videos are intended for patients identified by their physicians as having any of the following:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • past heart attack or stroke
    OR risk factors for heart disease such as
  • elevated blood cholesterol levels (high cholesterol)
  • hypertension (high blood pressure)



You will learn practical approaches to managing your cholesterol levels and reducing your overall cardiovascular disease risk through health behaviour changes and the potential use of medications.

Group Handouts
Participant Feedback

“Very clear & concise presentation, very informative, great presenters.” (April 2023)

“The workshop was clearly organized with good visuals. The presenters were professional and personable and used the time well. They offered good opportunities for questions and comments.” (April 2023)

“What I liked most about the workshop: Dietitians as presenters – experts in their field. Resources to use on my own time. On Zoom, ability to take pics of certain slides to recall the info later. Participants were actively involved – brought up questions that I hadn’t thought of but were helpful to me.” (March 2023)

“Very informative! I eat relatively healthy & am very active i.e. hiking & gym but I found it’s not so much what I am eating but what I’m NOT eating that may be playing a role in my elevated cholesterol. Changes are in motion :)” (December 2022)

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