One-time session, 2 hours


This education session focuses on the importance of preventing falls in order to stay safe and independent in your own home. We will provide information about how and why falls occur, strategies to manage a fall if it happens, and how falls can be prevented in your home and community so that you can live in the place of your choice without losing your quality of life.

Who should attend?

This workshop focuses on prevention and you do not need to have experienced a fall to attend. This workshop would benefit anyone over 65, those who worry about falling, those who may feel unsteady when walking, standing or climbing stairs, or those who have been informed that they are at higher risk for falls.


Please come ready to participate in some discussion and make sure you have working audio/video on your device. Handouts and materials will be emailed to you ahead of time and you may find it helpful to have these printed and beside you during the session.


Participants in the Steady and Strong workshop will learn how to assess and reduce their own falls risk, both at home and in the community.

*This presentation can accommodate those with hearing difficulties through the use of closed captioning.

Participant feedback

“A well designed lecture on safety in the home. The special care on falls and how to prevent them. What to do if you have one. Medications and their affects. It was all well voiced to us with lovely presentations and a good information guide to share with others. Conclusion. I would highly recommend this presentation to all that are in troubles with potential falls in the near future. I was most impressed by the OTs’ presentations and their professionalism. I also thank them for their help and will benefit from it, I’m sure.” (May 2022)

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