Sweet Talk: Managing Your Blood Sugars


One-time session, 2 hours


A registered dietitian and a registered nurse will discuss the importance of blood sugar control and associated risk factors.
Dr. Jeff Alfonsi (https://rxfood.co/jeff-alfonsi) will join the end of the presentation to introduce the free Rx Food app to participants.

Who should attend?

Individuals who are at risk for or have pre-diabetes or newly diagnosed diabetes.




Learn how to change your health behaviours in order to improve your blood sugar control and minimize associated complications.
Optional: Learn how to track your dietary intake through a combination of photos, short texts, or voice control using the free Rx Food app.  The app gathers your dietary information and provides you with a detailed summary, which then allows you to make personalized goals and work towards improved health outcomes. 

Group Handouts
Participant Feedback

“I liked that it provided me with a deeper understanding of how diet and exercise can impact my sugar levels.” (April 2023)

“Content of presentation was very informative, liked opportunity for Q&A, also great to have handouts for more info and as a reminder of content.” (April 2023)

“The facilitators were awesome. Very empathetic and knowledgeable.” (February 2023)

“Clear, concise and direct but delivered in a relaxed manner…….not a clinical lecture.” (January 2023)

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