Sweet Talk: Managing Your Blood Sugars


One-time session, 2 hours


A registered dietitian and a registered nurse will discuss the importance of blood sugar control and associated risk factors.

Who should attend?

Individuals who are at risk for or have pre-diabetes or newly diagnosed diabetes.




Learn how to change your health behaviours in order to improve your blood sugar control and minimize associated complications.

Group Handouts
Participant Feedback

“I liked that it provided me with a deeper understanding of how diet and exercise can impact my sugar levels.” (April 2023)

“Content of presentation was very informative, liked opportunity for Q&A, also great to have handouts for more info and as a reminder of content.” (April 2023)

“The facilitators were awesome. Very empathetic and knowledgeable.” (February 2023)

“Clear, concise and direct but delivered in a relaxed manner…….not a clinical lecture.” (January 2023)

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